SME: Do you want to develop your business activity in UAE?

SME mission to United Arab Emirates – October 6-10,2019.

SPACE2IDGO members invite European SMEs to participate to a mission in Dubaï, dedicated to Space Applications applied for agriculture, mobility, energy and logistics. It will be possible also to participate for one day to the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, a big event on the use and impact of technologies in many economic sectors. The event will showcase ICT, IT, IoT and digital technologies and can be the right moment where European SMEs can meet relevant stakeholders.

The United Arab Emirates is recently encouraging foreign investments in space industry through the « National Plan for the Promotion of Space Investment ». The SPACE2IDGO mission will then be a unique opportunity to meet the relevant stakeholders to do business in the country. UAE developed a clear strategy for a new development phase based on smart solutions and innovations that, in their vision, will support the transition from an oil-based economy to an oil-free sustainable and green economy. They are cleverly investing the financial resources coming from oil in R&D&I activities, trying to attract new businesses in the country that they wish to become a world region flagship in innovation.

Deadline to apply : September,8th 2019
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SPACE2IDGO is a fast-track internationalization project co-funded by the the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020) to boost European space service provider and application developer’s access beyond Europe.