Space2IDGO, a reference in exporting European space innovation for ground solutions

Space2IDGO, the fast-track internationalization project (January 2018 – March 2020), has contributed to boost European space service providers and application developers’ access beyond Europe.

The project, with a duration of 27 months, is co-funded by the the European Union’s COSME Programme.

The project has selected 13 European SMEs to export in 5 third countries.

The Space2IDGO (Space Clusters International Diversification Go) project, is the second step of a two-stand process started with Space2ID (Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification) the first structured action for Space Service Providers and Application Developers to directly address the huge economic potential of several industrial sectors, carefully selected at European and International level with a clear “market pull” orientation. These sectors are: Mobility, Energy, Logistics, Creative industries and Agriculture (MELCA sectors) where the use of satellite data provides strong added value and accelerates the development of new value chains.

Space2IDGO has consolidated the ambitions to go international stronger and faster by proposing an innovative support towards SMEs willing to go international, helping to disseminate the added value of space data in MELCA value chains and developing business between European SMEs and new abroad partners and customers.

The Project, that ends now, has offered to European SMEs – in particular space service providers, application developers or working in MELCA sectors and looking to develop a service using space-based technologies or data-, a whole internationalization process in cooperation with Price Waterhouse and Cooper (PwC).

The fast-track to internationalization programmes has involved several steps:
  • 12 enterprise’s diagnosis with analysis of its internationalization level with recommendations
  • 8 Webinars on «How to go global », on targeted « Country markets » (United Arab Emirates, Canada, China, Chile and Colombia), and on «Intellectual property rights in Latin America»
  • 3 matchmaking missions organised in Canada, in United Arab Emirates and in Chile involving 10 SMEs
  • Debriefing after mission and follow-up process for each SME
  • Final diagnosis to analyze the evolution for each SME

The missions result to several meetings, either with academics, institutionals or business stakeholders, and were an opportunity to first explore a new country and to comeback with good contacts to develop partnerships and business. The results will be concretized in the coming months but promising developments for some of the companies can already be seen.

Thirteen innovative European SMEs were selected having benefited from the support of the programme, involving four countries: France, Spain, Italy and Greece, and five targeted country markets: United Arab Emirates, Canada, China, Chile and Colombia.

Some testimonies of European SMEs participating in the Project

“We are very satisfied about the UAE matchmaking mission’s organisation and about the opportunities created for our company by TERN and ALSIA. We know that it is difficult to operate and make business in this country because the international competition is very high in the field of innovative and high tech services. The SPACE2IDGO project support was crucial for us to open a new market.” Angelo DONVITO, CEO of DIGIMAT SPA who went to United Arab Emirates.

“We are very satisfied with this mission which was a first for us in a foreign country. We could not have had the same approach and contacts without the help of the program.” Clément FRAIGNEAU, CEO of PERMAGRO who went to Chile

“I was satisfied with the collective meetings organized by Michel Stassart and his team. The discovering of the Canadian Space ecosystem was relevant with the participation of the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, the Canadian Space Agency.” Grégory BEDDELEEM, CCO of ANYWAVES who went to Canada.

Space2IDGO: a cluster collaboration project

The project has brought together nine European Clusters, four of them are active in the space industry: Madrid Aerospace Cluster , TeRN , si-Cluster, Skywin, another four active in the MELCA sectors: Basque Energy Cluster , gi-Cluster , Logistics in Wallonia , Alsia  and Aerospace Valley , the coordinator of the Project, which is active in both.

Space2IDGO is co-funded by the the European Union’s COSME Programme, the Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

What comes next?

The creation of the Space4Globe Partnership, in which all the Project members are involved, aims to foster the Space2IDGO initiative and to develop international activities supporting European SMEs using space based data to export.

Space4Globe will intensify the cluster synergies between space clusters and other sectoral clusters to implement a joint international strategy.

Download the press release here. 

SPACE2IDGO signed MoU with Colombian partners

Corallia and Aerospace Valley clusters, two SPACE2IDGO members were in Bogota the 15th and 16th of January 2020 to make the signature of MoU with Colombian stakeholders concrete.

The project has signed an agreement with the Associacion Colombiana de Productores Aerospaciales (ACOPAER) that focus on developping bilateral activities between the SPACE2IDGO partnership and the ACOPAER members. The Associacion Colombiana de Productores Aerospaciales aims to promote the integration, development, growth and organisation of the Colombian aerospace industry, representing its members in front of the Government, the national and international industry, as well as, promoting research and development in the sector.

The project has also signed a partnership with the Scientific Committee of the Aerospace Sector in Colombia (COCSAE) which is an initiative leads by professors from several Colombian universities, engineers and business people interested in fostering aerospace projects in Colombia. COCSAE will support public and private entities in the industry and academia as well, by counselling the new participants in the creation and execution of their aerospace-related projects.

With both agreements SPACE2IDGO hopes to foster the cooperation between aerospace public and private stakeholders from Europe and Colombia. These MoU should also be the opportunities for our SMEs to develop joint R&D projects and enter the Colombian space markets.

SPACE2IDGO SME mission in Chile

The SPACE2IDGO consortium has reached a new step this week in signing a MoU with Fundacion Eurochile based in Santiago de Chile.

With the support of Eurochile, SPACE2IDGO brought 4 European SMEs in Chile with a 4 days meetings agenda. We met institutional, research and academic centers as well as companies working in the field of Space, Agriculture and Energy.

SPACE2IDGO Mission to China

SPACE2IDGO SME Mission to Canada (Toronto) 28th and 29th of October 2019.

With the strong support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ontario and the European Union through the COSME programme, our delegation of 6 European SMEs coming from France, Italy and Greece have been received during 2 days at the Ontario Investment and Trade Building in Toronto.

During these 2 days our delegation had the opportunity to meet 19 representatives from different companies and public organizations:

The Government of Ontario: Investment Outreach Unit, the Aerospace and Manufacturing Unit, Information and Communications Technology Unit, Production Industries Unit, Automotive Unit and Business Resource Specialists.

IBM, Airbus, France Canada Chamber of Commerce, The Canadian Space Agency, York University, University of Guelph Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Peak Power, Ecopia, Waterfront Toronto, OPSgrok, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, JRS Virtual Studio, Toronto Global

With the support of our Partner PWC, several B2B meetings have been organized also with Canadian companies as Urthecast, Kepler, …

SPACE2IDGo representative (Skywin Cluster – Michel Stassart) was honoured to participate to the AGM and Aerospace Unplugged event to sign a MoU between our consortium and the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC). Our objectives are to develop a strong and collaborative relationship between us. The signature has been made in presence of the Ontario Minister of Economic Development, the Honourable Vic Fedeli, and it will bring weight to our agreement and a reason for Ontario and possible Canadian government to further support our collaborative efforts to fuel transatlantic partnerships, research and the strengthening of the space and aerospace global supply chains.

This mission was supported by the Space2idGo project which has received funding from the European’s Union COSME programme (2014-2020).

Webinar: How to access Chinese markets?


The SPACE2IDGO project organises with PwC a webinar on how to access Chinese markets. With this webinar you will get to know the economical landscape of China including information on legal aspects, foreign investment and labour.

This action is funded within the framework of SPACE2IDGO, project funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

When:  Tuesday, December  10th from 10 -12 am (CET Time).


Fact-finding mission in China

The mission took place from 6th to 13th September 2019. The final objective of this mission was to sign a collaboration agreement between Madrid Aerospace Cluster, as the SPACE2IDGO partner in charge of China as one of the selected key destination countries, and Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology (CAST).

During the mission, three meetings were held in the city of Nanjing, at the offices of the Jiangsu CAST, with the objective of signing the agreement that will facilitate a sustained cooperation.

The agreement establishes the basis for future collaborations between both parties in the field of aerospace industries.

With the focus on improving relations between both countries, in the framework of the SPACE2IDGO project, this agreement looks forward to connecting enterprises for joint business activities, as well as professional and educational events such as congresses, or professional training courses, and the conjunct publishing of academic papers and research, starting with the SPACE2IDGO SME Mission to China, that will be organised in collaboration with the agreement’s signatory in China as the first key activity made possible thanks to this agreement.

The results of this first exploration and contact have been very positive, and both parties are looking forward for newer and deeper collaborations in the industry.

Webinar: How to access Chilean markets?


The SPACE2IDGO project organises with PwC a webinar on how to access Chilean markets. With this webinar you will get to know the economical landscape of Chile including information on legal aspects, foreign investment and labour. A focus will be done on the following sectors: space, agriculture and energy.

This action is funded within the framework of SPACE2IDGO, project funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

When: October, 8th from 2 to 4 pm (CEST time).


SME: Do you want to develop your business activity in Colombia?

SPACE2IDGO members invite European SMEs to participate to a mission in Bogota, dedicated to Space Applications applied for agriculture and energy.

From the rugged moors of the Andean highlands, to the tropical Caribbean lowlands, agriculture in Colombia reflects the diversity of its landscapes and climates.

Rich in natural resources and the second-most biodiverse country in the world, the country’s economic fortunes are rapidly improving.

On the other hand, the energy sector in Colombia has been one of the main pillars of development in the country for its contribution to economic growth, to the increase of private investment and to employment generation.

Do not miss the chance to explore business opportunities in the Colombian market:

  • organisation of the mission
  • follow-up with PriceWaterhouse&Cooper 
  • travel voucher provided

DEADLINE to apply: November, 15th

SME application form:


Webinar: How to access Canadian markets?

IMPORTANT: the workshop has been postponed this afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30 pm (CEST time)


The SPACE2IDGO project organises with PwC a webinar on how to access Canadian markets. With this webinar you will get to know the economical landscape of Canada including information on legal aspects, foreign investment and labour. A focus will be done on the following sectors: space, logistics and mobility.

Within the framework of SPACE2IDGO, project funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

When: 25th september 9h30-11h30 (CET time)