The si-Cluster is the sole cluster focusing on space technologies and applications in Greece.

It was established in 2008 as a joint initiative of Corallia and HASI (the Hellenic Association of Space Industries). It currently consists of 40 committed members and other stakeholders, representing the majority of the Aerospace sector in Greece.

The vision of the si-Cluster is to create a world class cluster on space technologies and applications. Striving for this vision, the mission is to place Greece amid the countries which currently develop cutting-edge space technologies and applications.

The goal of the si-Cluster is to develop Greece as a leading region for space technologies and applications with a high international visibility, capable of developing and attracting high impact research, innovation and business activities.

The main thematic focus of the si-Cluster is in: aerospace electronics, re-mote sensing applications, and aerospace materials & structures.

Approximately 75% of its members are located in the Attica Region, with the others located in the regions of Western Greece and Central Macedonia.