Fact-finding mission in United Arab Emirates

In February 2019 a delegation of two clusters, ALSIA (Lucana Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture) the agrifood cluster of the Basilicata Region in Italy together with TeRN-Basilicata Earth Observation Cluster, visited the United Arab Emirates within the framework of SPACE2IDGO Programme.

The delegation focused on the area of logistics & mobility, energy as well as agriculture for space applications.

This rewarding mission confirmed the national interest to all of these sectors targeted by SPACE2IDGO programme.

In three days meetings, the delegation met 18 institutions and 50 key people, 7 companies, 8 clusters and 2 universities/research centers.

The fact-finding mission in UAE was extremely useful to better understand the local context and the potential of UAE market for the internationalization of European SME involved in Space technology.